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Istanbul, Antalya, Ephesus • 8 days

Start your Eastern Europe trip from Berlin – one of the most attractive European cities. Head out to Warsaw – the capital of Poland, where you’ll be able to take a guided tour through the city’s places of interests and museums. Enjoy all Prague has to offer. Opt to visit the famous Charles Bridge, the clock tower in the main square or a traditional Czech beer hall with serious helpings of meat and potatoes. Opt to have lunch in one of the many pretty restaurants offering fantastic local cuisine, sitting on a terrace overlooking this fairytale medieval town.

End your Eastern Europe tour by visiting two most renowned European cities – Vienna and Budapest. Wander the elegant streets a little more, take in some of Europe’s most distinguished art galleries or just settle yourself on a café terrace, order up a slice of mouthwatering Viennese cake and watch the world go by over coffee.

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