Creation of the Expert Committee on Fishing Technologies (ECOFT)

Creation of the Expert Committee on Fishing Technologies (ECOFT)

The Mexican Institute of Fisheries formalized the creation of the Expert Committee on Fishing Technologies.  This committee gather the most recognized experts in development of fishing gear around the globe to advise Mexican Government to find viable alternatives to keep fishers in business while protecting the endanger vaquita.

In April, 2016 the Mexican Institute of Fisheries (INAPESCA) and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) organized a Workshop on Fishing Technologies for the Upper Gulf of California (UGC).  This workshop was as part of a special Symposium on Technology Development and Sustainable Fisheries, organized by the International Council for the Exploration of Seas (ICES) and United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) as part of their annual meeting.  In this meeting the group urged the creation of a panel of international experts for working in this issue.

In July, 2016 the Whitehouse communicated than in a meeting between the Presidents of Mexico and the United States, they agreed that both countries will redouble efforts, in collaboration with international experts, to develop alternative fishing gear to gillnets that does not result in the entanglement of vaquita and establish “vaquita-safe” fisheries.  That same week INAPESCA called for the creation of the committee with the support of WWF. 


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